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Terraced Outdoor Patio - ID ADU10001

Terraced Outdoor Patio - ID ADU10001


  • Plan Description

    This patio presents a serene outdoor setting, showcasing a blend of architecture and nature. At the forefront, a patio adorned with a bench invites relaxation and leisure, set against a backdrop of a lush green lawn that stretches across the scene, indicating meticulous care and landscaping.


    A detailed examination reveals more nuanced elements, such as a white wall with a plants in it, each described with varying degrees of confidence, contribute to the scene's complexity, offering glimpses into the meticulous details that make up this outdoor setting.


    Lastly, the presence of a patio swing bed, the patio is complete and a white bench with a light on the side introduces a human touch, suggesting the space is designed for comfort and utility, possibly indicating a pool or recreational area nearby. These elements, combined with the overall composition, paint a picture of a well-appointed, inviting outdoor living area that balances natural beauty with human-made design.


    This terraced outdoor patio plan can be customized to fit your needs at an additional cost. 


    Unless you purchase an unlimited use license, you may only build one patio from the set of plans. ENK CAD Designs Patio Plans cannot be re-sold.

  • Full Plan Specifications + Features

    • Total Area: 20 sq.m
    • Front Width: 4m
    • Side Length: 4m


    • Entertainment Area
  • Architectural Drawing List


    • Floor Plan Layout
    • Elevations
    • Section Views
    • Roof Plan Layout
    • Electrical Plan Layout


    *  Drawings delivered in PDF

    *  CAD file delivered at extra cost

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