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ENK CAD Designs is based in Karibib, Namibia
Select a plan of your choice; ensure all details and specifications are according to your needs. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the house plan of your choice. Once you have selected a house plan, click on the “Buy Now” button and follow the simple checkout process. In case you want to make a payment by direct bank deposit, kindly send us, the plan ID and a quotation will be prepared you to finalize payment.
It is a design produced from your own specification. If you are a custom design client, you will own the design and it will not be resold to another client or be uploaded to our catalog
Modifications can be done at an extra cost: All the dimensions (interior & exterior) Roof type & pitch Windows size & location Foundation type Add garage / remove garage Add or remove interior walls
All our Architectural Designs are in digital format. Easy to share with your local Builders. PDF CAD Metric Units PDF is a standard format for many types of documents including drawings which can be printed without loss in quality. The files can be viewed on any computer or smart phone but the files cannot be edited. CAD file is a standard format used by computer design software such as AutoCAD, Revit and Chief Architect. The files can be edited and changes can be made easily to the plans by anyone who knows how to use the software. When you purchase a plan we only include the PDF document. However, the CAD file can be obtained at an extra fee, for your convenience in case you want to make small adjustments on your own.
Our Architectural Designs include: Detailed Site Plans (Optional,Provision Erf Diagram Provided by Client) Detailed Floor Plans Detailed Exterior Elevations (front, rear, right and left) Building Cross Sections House Plan Notes and Details Roof Plan – Details about the roof slopes, ridges, valleys Detailed Electrical + Sewer Layouts Building Sections are vertical cuts through the house with floor, ceiling and roof height info. Detailed Floor Plans and Building Sections show also dimensioned locations of walls, doors, windows, beams, purlins, posts.
Construction is an expensive undertaking, so it is best to make all necessary planning properly before you start with the building process. Make sure you contact a builder who can assist you in making your decisions or feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We include a fully detailed set of architectural drawings for all our plans. See each individual plan to know the exact drawings and details included.
Most buildings within an urban area require a building permit which requires a full set of printed drawings (architectural, structural, electrical – and sometimes a BOQ. Rural areas usually require a building permit but seldom demand more than a set of architectural drawings. Please contact the local authorities for exact requirements as they vary quite a bit depending on which area you are planning to build in.
Is a place that is not under any municipal town planning scheme i.e communal land under a chief, Farms/Plots (If not controlled by any municipal authority)
No, the price is only for the Architectural design and Services.
Erf Diagram Sewer layout Municipal check list & submission form( if available) Contour diagram
Only Stand Sizes when building in Rural Land. Zoning Certificate, Sewer Layout, SG Diagram, Municipal Checklist (If available) when building in Municipal Land. And Estate Architectural Guidelines in addition to the required documents for municipal when building on Estate Land.
Only if you want us to prepare it according to your council requirements or Alternatively, you will be required to purchase the Editable Version (CAD) for your local architect to do the municipal preparations for you. NB. Please check with your country’s by-laws if foreign architects are allowed to prepare plans for council submission.
The plan does not need any approval if you are building on any land that does not have a town planning scheme.
No, we only provide architectural services, should the client require such services we can recommend service providers.
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